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PEO Consulting Process

Our PEO Consulting Process involves a thorough discovery phase to pinpoint the solutions that perfectly align with your unique requirements. Then, with many options available, we carefully assess whether a PEO fits your business or if an alternative approach would be more efficient. If a PEO is an optimal solution, we skillfully negotiate with the top PEOs that cater to your needs, presenting you with the most compelling options.

Should you consider a PEO Cost Reduction?

You’ve added employees with new job descriptions

Your company has grown or expanded into several states

Payroll is unpredictable – commissions, bonuses, OT

Your PEO bundles pricing or does % of payroll fees

Your admin costs have gone way up

You have not shopped the market within 2 years


Efficiently Find The Right PEO For You

Regularly assessing and comparing pricing for your PEO is crucial. But with the multitude of services they offer, managing costs can be a challenge. From health insurance to taxes and worker comp, expenses can fluctuate as your business evolves. Don't worry. We've got you covered. Our services make it easy to shop around and compare options, and we only charge if we successfully reduce your costs with your existing PEO.
financial analysis computer

We gather real-time data to
benchmark your PEO’s pricing

Our strategy is driven by the findings of our research, specifically the four sets of proprietary data we develop for each client.

No-cost PEO Comparison

To see what other PEOs will charge for the same services you have today

PEO Pricing Analysis

What other companies are paying a PEO for the same services you have

PEO Exit Results

To see what it would cost to operate without a PEO

Billing Audit

Analyzing various documents to determine your true cost

What to expect?

No out-of-pocket costs

$900 savings per employee

One to two week timeframe

Minimal time commitment

More of Our PEO Services


Shop & compare PEOs

Quickly compare PEOs with confidence

Compare 5-8 PEOs simultaneously

Save up to 30% on PEO costs

1-on-1 expert support

100% free of cost



Leaving your PEO?

Is it time to stop using a PEO?

PEO Exit compares your current PEO to non-PEO options for HR services such as employee benefits, worker's compensation, payroll, and 401(k), helping businesses make more informed decisions.





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