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Elevate your HR game with our advanced HRO solutions. Our comprehensive support for HR, payroll, and benefits administration is powered by cutting-edge technology that simplifies even the most challenging HR obstacles. With our help, you can easily position yourself as a leading employer.


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Human Resource Outsourcing

Looking to outsource your HR needs? Look no further than our HR outsourcing solution packages, tailored to meet your needs both now and in the future. Our comprehensive team of HR, Payroll, Benefits, Compliance, and Technology specialists are here to provide support and guidance at a fraction of the cost. Build a strong foundation for your business's growth today.

HRO EB-1-1


Benefits Consulting


Assigned Team of Specialists

All-in-One HR, Benefits & Compliance

ACA & DOL Compliance

ACA Reporting & Filing

Benefits Analysis

Plan Design & Support

Renewal Negotiation

Benefits Administration Support

Audit & Reconciliation of Benefits Invoices

Full Benefits Compliance, including COBRA and ACA

Employee Support 

Employee Communication


HRO Mineral-1


HR & Compliance Platform



HR & Legal Experts

Employee Handbook

HR Compliance Library

Learning Management System

Workplace Harassment & Safety Training

Benefits Document Creator

Job Description Builder

Customize Documents

Guided HR Compliance

Recruiting & Hiring

Talent Development

Improving HR & Compliance

Proactive & Strategic HR



All-in-one Technology


All-in-One HR, Benefits & Compliance Technology

24/7 Online Access

Employee Portal & Mobile App

Time Off Tracking

Totally Paperless New Hire On-boarding

Competitive Benefits Packages

Integrated Payroll

Benefits Administration Support

Full Benefits Compliance, including COBRA and ACA

Employee Support 

Insurance Carrier Integration



Get the most out of your employee benefits dollars

When you work with iBenefitsHR, you work closely with a highly qualified and experienced Benefits Advisor to guide you through the complex benefits evaluation, negotiation, and selection processes.

Because benefits represent one of your business's top three or four expenses, working with a firm that gives you the time, attention, and expertise necessary to secure the best plans at the lowest cost is crucial.


A single place to solve all your HR and compliance needs.

You deserve a massive upgrade if you’ve been stringing together incompatible tools and Googling answers. 

iBeneftsHR gives you one place to:  

  • Tackle HR and compliance basics
  • Monitor your organizational health
  • Boost employee engagement 
  • Step up your compliance game

The truly all-in-one benefits solution you’ve been waiting for

  • Get new hires enrolled quickly
  • Compare and select plans
  • Review coverage status for all employees
  • Monitor employee enrollment status and deadlines
  • Setup your own virtual agency call center
  • Store, review, and acknowledge important plan documents

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